How To Change and Update The Footer Credits In DIVI

Ever wonder how you can replace the annoying text on the footer of a Divi-based website? The Divi theme doesn’t give a direct way to change it from any part of the WordPress admin interface. The only way to change it is by going into the editor and changing the code *heart beat intensifies*. This post is dedicated to helping you through these steps; it really isn’t all that complicated. Before you start adjusting files in the editor, make sure to have your website backed up in case something bad somehow happens.

NOTE: Divi 3.0 update made changing the footer credits an option in the ‘customization’ pane under the ‘appearance’ tab. This blog post is relevant for all Divi versions up to Divi 3.0

By the end of this article you will have changed this:


Into something like this:


Step 1: Finding the Editor

First navigate to your WordPress side panel and find ‘Appearance’. Hover over it and then click editor. An image of what this looks like is to the right.

Step 2: Find the footer.php file

Once you are in the editor, find the file called footer.php. Click on it. A picture of how it looks is to the right.

Step 3: Change the content

Now that you have navigated to the proper file, we will change the code. You can directly change the code in the editor, but it is usually a better idea to copy the code to a text editor of some sort, make the changes in the text editor, then copy it back over to the editor. Also make sure to have a copy of the original code that you can replace your new code with in case it breaks.

To actually make the change to the text, find the paragraph HTML tag, it should be <p id=”footer-info”>. Now change all of the text between <p id=”footer-info”> and </p>┬áto whatever you like. It should look similar to the image below. Remember that you can make the copyright symbol by typing &copy.

Once you are done with this, save the changes and check if it worked. If it didn’t work, check your code or comment here for some help.

Additional Notes:

Every time you update the theme, the footer text will revert back to the original because the update overrides the file we edited. You will have to repeat these steps every time you update Divi. One way of preventing this is by making a child theme and adjusting the files through this, but this is more complicated and out of the scope of this article.

This can also be done by downloading the divi booster plugin (costs $19) and changing the settings from there.

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