Choosing Keywords To Rank Like A BOSS

Ok, for this post, I am going to assume that no one reading this has any clue what keywords are, what they do, and why they are important.  Keywords, in our world, are what we describe as what someone types into the search engine browser to look something up online.  For instance, if I were looking for new CrossFit shoes, I’d probably type in something like “Reebok CrossFit shoes”.  If I was looking for a local bank, I’d type in something like “Suntrust branches Blacksburg VA”.  Notice the difference in what I typed in…  We all do this…  If you look for something local, then chances are you will type in “City, State” after the subject you are searching for.  If its something that you may purchase online, or if you are just beginning your search and trying to learn about the topic, then your typed keyword will be very short and without any GEO tag words.

So, for SEO, showing up for the most searched keywords will ensure that your site gets top visibility and more traffic.  And more traffic = more conversions = more $$$$.  Speaking on conversions, keywords play a vital role in how your visitors convert.  If you are sell running shoes, and you are ranking for hiking shoes, then all the traffic coming to your site will not convert.  Even worse, as soon as that visitor lands on your site they will leave in just a few seconds.  That my friend is called a “BOUNCE”.  And that is not good.  Google see’s this and marks that visit as a bounce and you eventually lose ranking, and traffic.  That said, lets move on to learning about keyword Search Intent.


Keyword Search Intent

As mentioned above with the example of CrossFit shoes and local banks, search intent tells a big story on how far along in the buying cycle that searcher is.  Example, when someone sees their neighbor on a new motorcycle, they decide to one up them and get the next best bike.  In doing so, that person starts out searching for very basic information and gradually identifies more of what they are looking to buy, and adjusts the search keywords to reflect this.

Here is an example:

  1. ducati street bikes
  2. red ducati street bikes
  3. red ducati street bikes with cool pipes
  4. red ducati street bikes with cool pipes blacksburg va

You tell me, is number 4 closer to buying that number 1?  You are correct if you chose number 4.  So, number 4 is considered to be a “Long Tail” keyword, and the longer you can get the keyword, the higher quality of traffic, less competition due to the fact that not many people are ranking and going after these keywords.  So any good SEO will find these keywords and create a campaign based on the research.  Now, there are many times that we have found smaller phrases, and gone after 2 word sets, especially in Local SEO.  An example would be “Roanoke Attorney”, or “Window Installers Salem VA”.  You get the point?  Great…  Now lets learn about demand.


Keyword Demand

Keyword demand, just like keyword competition, carries a lot of weight when it comes to ROI of the SEO campaign.  Choosing keywords that align with your budget is critical to the success of the work.  Also, from our perspective, our clients need to be aware of the keyword and budget correlation before any work is done.  Otherwise, the client will be very upset and wondering why we did not deliver. So yes, this is a hard conversation that we have with everyone prior to starting any SEO campaign.

Our goal is to find a nice balance with demand (how many people search for this term on a monthly basis), competition (how many people are trying to rank for this keyword), and budget.  There are always hidden gems out there that get great search demand and that would not be too terribly hard to rank for.  That is what separates “good” SEO’s from “great” SEO’s.


Keyword Competition

Lets use the sports analogy for this.  It would make no sense for any high school team to spark a battle with an NFL team, so why would you go after keywords that are so far out of reach that it would take years to get on the second page?  That being said, if you have the budget for this, then by all means, go after it.  However, you must keep ROI in mind while doing SEO.  On a smaller budget, it would be crazy to expect any SEO agency to tell you that they will go after keywords that have a monster competition profile.


Action Plan

Now that we have the basic knowledge and principle guidelines, lets get to work and get that site ranking.  You can go to SEMRush and enter in a keyword that you know is right for your business and get a list of search terms that you could use.

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Or, you could just email us, after you share this post (wink wink), and we will do a quick keyword identification report for you!  Things you want to do with your new keywords are to write blogs that talk about the keyword, do videos about it, press releases, social media posts, and create pages on your website with the keyword as the focus.  OR, we could do all that for you… (wink again).  Thanks for reading!!!

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