What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the elements of a particular web page and how well it plays with the Search Engines.  Believe it or not, optimizing your On-Page SEO could make a significant improvement on your websites ranking.  When we set up new SEO campaigns for our clients, we usually spend the first month doing On-Page SEO, and content development.  Of course this is all hinged around how the current state of the website is, but most of the time we find ourselves doing a lot of work with On-Page optimizations on month 1.

MOZ put together a GREAT visual of these On-Page elements:

On-Page SEO Blacksburg va







Why On-Page SEO Is Important

Ok, so why is all this On-Page SEO stuff important?  It is important because of two reasons.  One, it directly influences the User Experience (UX), which is tied to reason number two.  Number two, GOOGLE.  Yes, Googles algorithms get smarter every second of every day.  They incorporate things like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,  click behaviors, and hundreds more (possibly thousands) triggers and factors that make up their monster Algo.

To simplify this, and for the average business owner of a standard website, just think about the end user and the visitor on EVERY aspect of your site.  I mean, think hard about it.  Imagine yourself as a customer of your site, scroll through the pages and look through the eyes of a first time user.

seo experts blacksburg vaHere is an example, say you love Rage Against the Machine so you put a cool little audio player on your site at the bottom of the page, where its impossible to find, and you have the settings to auto play.  DO NOT DO THIS!!!  Why?  Because not everyone will be turned on to this, and what about people surfing the web at work?  You will getting these people in trouble as they panic while looking for the volume controls.  But what really happens?  Most will hit the back button in a matter of seconds. And oh, guess what, Google just recorded that as a “Bounce Rate” and the higher your BR is on your site, the more difficult it will be to get any sort of ranking regardless of how many back links you have.  This example is about the UX specifically, and all the latest Algorithm updates from Google have been targeting sites with poor user experiences.  In fact, starting in 2017, Google will start demoting any mobile site that has those large popups that cover the entire mobile screen.  I can’t wait!!!  I HATE pop ups, with a passion… Ask anyone.

Setting Up WordPress SEO With Yoast SEO Plugin

As we build out our sites, we always bolt in a great WordPress Plugin called Yoast SEO. This handy utility does an amazing job in keeping you on course in doing On-Page SEO.  See the images below for a few details about what it comes with:

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A little tip for you…  One of the biggest culprits of bad On-Page SEO is the lack of content.  If you have a page with less than 400 words of fresh, value dripping, content with images, then you will be doing more harm than good.  In fact, one of the things we do here at OCTANE, is that we update the settings for that specific page to be “No-Index/Do Follow”.  What this does is it hides this page from being crawled by the search engines, therefore, keeping you safe from being dinged by Google for Thin/Duplicated content.

Taking Action

Alright, so now you now know the basics of On-Page SEO, what it means, and how it helps.  But wait, what if you don’t have a WordPress site and can’t use that cool plugin called Yoast?!  Fret not my virtual friends, as OCTANE will be more that happy to run an audit for you, at NO charge.  Pure Value.  And guess what, were not going to pitch you to buy anything.  🙂   Email us, we would love to hear from you!

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