Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restore my own credit?

The process of disputing the credit report is easy. Getting results from your dispute is extremely difficult, tedious, and frustrating. By law it is your right to try to accomplish what our staff does for you. Our clients choose to use our services because of our experience, knowledge and understanding of the credit bureau system. Trying to restore your own credit can be risky and extremely time consuming. Disputing your credit with the three major credit bureaus can be as frustrating and risky as trying to repair your own automobile engine or representing yourself in court.

How long does credit repair take?

It is inappropriate for any credit repair company to promise a particular result within a certain time frame. When credit reports are promptly sent to us, many clients have seen significant progress within the first 2 months. The effectiveness of your case will depend on your timely participation i.e. sending in credit reports on a timely basis, the nature of your case, and the level of credit bureau cooperation. Please note even a law firm cannot promise a particular result within a certain time frame since every case and credit report is different.

How do I monitor my progress?

You will be allowed at no additional charge to monitor your progress throughout the entire process by utilizing our state of the art CDP Tracker ™. The CDP tracker allows client access 24/7 via online login.

Do we guarantee credit repair service?

Our Money Back Guarantee is simple and straight forward. If CDP Tracker is unable to improve your credit reports in the first nine months of your enrollment, we will gladly refund your ENTIRE fee. No questions asked.

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