Cheap Websites

Oh great, I found a great deal online from a company building websites for a hundred bucks!  Woohoo!!  Where do I sign?!  STOP.  Just stop right there.  Take a deep breath, put your hands down, and walk away from the computer slowly.  You need to think long and hard about what these “Cheap Websites” (like Wix,, Hibu, and Godaddy), really cost.

Perceptions People Have On First Impressions

cheap websitesSo, most of us do our very best not to create a preconceived idea on someone, or some business based upon appearances.  However, it is in our human nature and it just happens.  That being said, and understanding that people are online over half of the day shopping, searching, browsing, or working, your website will be the very first thing they see about your business in most cases.  You can be the best, most professional place in town at what you do, and all the locals may know this, but what about people just moving to the area?  Those new people may not ever give you the opportunity to do business with you because the perception you have given them online is not your best.  Check out this study done that shows how bad your poor website can hurt your business.

Going To A Job Interview

first impressions online cheap websitesOnline first impressions are much like going to a job interview, you generally have about 3 seconds before the person across the table/desk/computer screen formulates an impression about who and what you are all about.  Would you make your own clothes and wear them to a job interview?  Then why on earth would you attempt to design your own website?  Its crazy.  Sure, you could throw up a site, add some pictures and a brief bio and call it a day, but what are you telling your potential customers and clients?  You are telling them that you cut corners.

Why We Changed Our Services

When we first started out, like many new businesses, we would take on any project we could get our hands on and at any price.  Most of the projects we had were at a very low price point, often times these sites were being built for clients who really did not care about conversion rates, mobile responsiveness, branding and so on.  They only wanted an “online business card”, and nothing more.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but in all reality we were doing some of these clients a disservice by taking them on as clients and not pushing them to understand what we knew about online branding and how a website was the first and most important impression in most cases.  Now do not misunderstand me, we built beautiful websites for these clients, however, it could have been better if the budget was there.


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